About DDA P2 Zone

Plan Objectives

This zone proposes an integrated land use network system with a development plan concept for effective and speedy implementation by subdividing it into several sectors and identifying various projects. Development concept & strategies have been clearly defined and indicated in the zonal plan report. 7.0 EXISTING PROFILE


Population – As per MPD-2021 the urban extension areas are proposed to be planned with an overall city level density of 250 – 300 persons per hectare for urban extensions and based on the area under consideration for the proposed population of 19 lakh (including existing settlements).


Location & Boundaries

The zone is located in northern part of Delhi bounded by NCTD/Haryana boundary in the north, River Yamuna towards the east, Outer Ring Road (90m R/W) towards the south and NH-1 in the west.

Commercial Area at ZONE- P II (North Delhi)

About 282 hact is assigned under the MPD 2021 & Land Pooling Policy. Of land has been proposed for various commercial uses at Community, District level, a DAMB wholesale fruit & vegetable market of 28 hact. It has been proposed on NH-I. About 20 hact. Of land has been proposed for wholesale trade in Sector II along the 80m R/W bye pass road. 16 community centers have been proposed, which will serve commercial, social, cultural & recreational need of the community population in each sector / sub-zone. District Centers (4 nos.) have been proposed along major arterial roads. District Centers should be integrated with the Zonal level district parks for pleasant environment and should be accessible from the surrounding residential areas through the pedestrian approach or by subway etc. to be utilized for creating public spaces. The space for informal bazaar and service market will be reserved in the District Centers, Community Centers and LSC / CSC.

Revenue Map P-II Zone
Sector Plan P-II Zone

Physical Characteristics

The whole zone is very well linked with the adjacent area as well as the next-door state of Haryana. The entire area is a vast expanse of – 4 – more or less flat terrain with land gradually sloping towards the south. The area has very large green coverage in the form of orchards, forest and farmlands. The sub-city area has good soil for construction. The whole zone has good natural drainage system and the area is divided into two drainage basins catchment of Bawana escape and catchment of Drain No.6 Both these use up have number of subsidiaries spread over the whole area holding mostly the rural discharge.

Project under Land Pooling Policy

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