Land Pooling Policy

The population in Nation Capital Delhi is increasing rapidly. People from different parts of the country are shifting to Delhi in search of a better career and living options. Buying a property of your own is almost next to impossible for the lower class and the middle-class people. Delhi NCR is among the most populated city in India. The population density of the city is increasing day by day. Government is thinking about the best solution to provide housing for all. Delhi Development Authority introduces Land pooling policy, which is opening ways for the home buyers and also for the government to shift population in the affordable housing units.

Master Plan Delhi 2021 (MPD-2021) has been launched by the government to tackle with the land problems. Utilization of the land in a proper manner is the part of this plan. Government is working with the private partners under the Public Private Partnership PPP model, in which DDA will act as a facilitator while private builders or developers will work on the design and the infrastructure. LPP is considered to be the game changer for the national capital region. It will assemble small rural lands into the large area through readjustment and construction. DDA Land Pooling Policy will provide over 40,000 acres of new land in the area of Bawana, Najafgarh, and Narela. The policy is considered to be the replacement of the old method of land acquisition and it will provide opportunities for employment, living, and much more.

Benefits of the Land Pooling Policy:

It has given transparency in the matter of land. Landowners will get more compensation as compared to the previous land acquisition policy. It prevents the increase in the price of the land as it is based on the modern-day policy system.

No interference policy will help in the swift development of the projects under the stipulated rules and regulations of the Delhi Development Authority.

It will give more profit to the government as well as the landowners.

Unauthorized or unplanned housing development can be regulated by the government. National Capital Delhi has been deeply rooted with the unplanned development; policy will help to keep a track on the illegal construction.

It will help the real estate market to grow. From the past few years, real estate market has gone down rapidly, this new LPP by DDA has helped to boost the market at a rapid rate; this is because of the increasing construction and development demand in the Delhi NCR.

Faster development by the private builders and developers as DDA will only take care of the approvals and the certifications.

Landowners can retain some part of their land for their own use or for any other purpose.

Infrastructure like traffic, transport, water supply will be taken care of by the government entity DDA.

National Capital Region will get the smart city as planned by the government. The divided zones by the government are going to be the population hub in the future.

Affordable housing solutions will be provided to the people of Delhi. Now, a person with the low income can afford a home in the metro city Delhi.

For the implementation of the policy the zones divided are L, N, P-2, K-1 and J. Among all the zones, L Zone is the most attracted zone as it is covering more land as compared to the other zones. This is the zone that will introduce first smart city to the people of Delhi. Land Pooling Policy is the boon for the economic weaker section people to the middle-class people as they can buy their house which will have all the basic amenities and the facilities. Many schemes and the policies are introduced by the government, which are encouraging women empowerment as well. One-Third of the housing solutions are reserved for the women under the Delhi Awas Yojna.

On the basis of Master Plan Delhi 2021, The Developer Entity (DE) will maintain the adequate provision of Economic Weaker Section. 50% of EWS housing units are to be kept with the Developer Entity whereas the remaining is to be sold to the Delhi Development Authority. LPP will create a great impact on the economy of the National Capital and in providing residential and commercial units to the people of Delhi.

Project under Land Pooling Policy

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